Building equity and access for
Black Women Artists  to create an inclusive creative economy.  

This is me

Welcome! I am so glad you're here and for wanting to learn learn more about my work. In 2016, I founded TILA Studios to support a niche yet powerful community of black women artists nationwide. My goal is to build an inclusive art economy so that black women artists are building thriving sustainable careers. I believe that the key to building thriving communities is to start at the micro (local and grassroots) approach in order to build organic trust to create macro level impact.

Creative Placemaking  Writing 
Production  & Event Management 

 Speaking   Strategic Planning

Teaching Artist    Partnerships  


I build movements and advise art companies & creative entrepreneurs.

What makes me excellent at what I do is that my ability to use both my "left" & "right" side of the brain simultaneously. As a certified idea powerhouse, I have the tactical and operational ability to bring those ideas to life. I can relate to artists, art non-profits and  brands by my innate ability to know what  creatively sets them a part  while also helping them build the proper timelines and roadmaps to achieve their goals.

Clients &


I work with organizations, creatives and brands who champion diversity, representation and inclusivity and who's priorities include community empowerment, social justice and equal pay. 

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