my work 

2020 Inaugural Horizon Awards - NBAF

The 2020 Inaugural Horizon Awards was conceived by former executive director, Vikki Morrow. The programs team was tasked with the creation and  application design of an Emerging Artist Award that would catapult NBAF to a national audience. The task was to ideate and build the framework for the awards by researching industry trends &  conducting informationals. Overall, this project took 8 Months to write, execute, invite, onboard, train and promote the 2020 Horizon Awards.  


NBAF identified the need to introduce virtual programming that engaged our audiences by providing insightful and entertaining virtual experiences across visual and performing arts sectors. I curated 15 programs,  secured 16 program partners, supporter over 171 artists, reached over 37 counties nationwide with 11K people engaged nationwide.

Black Drive-In Film Festivals 

Activating the visual and performing arts sector of NBAF's programming mission, we created two in-person drive-in experiences that collectively featured the works of 15 Black local and national filmmakers.​

​The first one: “NBAF: Amare (To Love) Drive-In Film Festival" in July 2020, featuring 9 filmmakers and 11 short films overt two back-to back sold-out nights to over 300 attendees. ​


NBAF: Thriller Nights Drive-In Film Festival" was presented in  filmmakers, a live-concert from 2020 Horizon Winner in Music, Troop Brand and black light art installation by Art Designer, Maggie Kane of Street Cat Media, creating a dynamic visual and performance activation for over 300 attendees. ​

Day After the Revolution Dinner 

The Day After The Revolution Dinner was intentionally curated with dishes that salutes our rich history of revolution and undying commitment to freedom as African people across the globe. Revolution For Us, By Us! The Dinner, a project the BLCK family has been producing for over 4 years, is a performative homage to the most universal communal experience.

On December 7, 2019,  50 curators, patrons, collectors and artists gathered for a five course family style meal positioned as an open source opportunity to nourish ourselves and each other.

The Dinner was sponsored by the National Black Arts Festival, Fulton County Arts & Culture, Martell with support from PRIZM and TILA Studios.