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Growing up in Chattanooga, TN, with seven siblings, I was fortunate to live within a mile radius from the matriarchs in my family. Just 5 minutes from my great grandmother, grandmother and aunts, my upbringing was rooted in "each one teach one." It was in those sacred spaces that I learned to dream and walk in faith.


Raised in family of educators who are deeply committed to giving as much as we receive, my mission in life is to spread as much knowledge and empower those around me. 


my subject specialities

Turning a vision into a purpose

I've always been an artist. It wasn't until I stopped viewing my passion as a hobby and turned it into a vision that I realized my true purpose. I speak on resilience, perseverance. Taking BIG bets. 

How to create  structure as a creative

A great life starts with great habits. As a carefree artist who is keen on setting strategic plans for both professional and personal career, I discuss tools to implement to create the life you deserve with tangible results. 

black art in the context of art history.

Wonder where all the great black artists are and where to find them? I discuss my background in History and my revisionist approach to finding, sourcing, supporting black artists. 

Watch my fireside chat at the SheLeague Conference 2020